mémoire - Expérience Papier
research & editorial

Research on the relationship between the graphic designer and paper material, establishing a study of the main interactive properties of the material to renew the sensations generated by the creation, use, and reception of printed objects, through a return to artisanal production and printing practices.

mise en page expérience papier

Expérience papier, layout

Overview of the layout of my research. I have endeavored to highlight the paper material through various graphic, typographic, and editorial choices, with the concept of usage and manipulation of the object at the core of my reflection.

experience poche

Expérience Poche vol.01 - Le Horla
research, print & editorial

How to harness the potential of the printed book to offer a renewed and interactive reading experience? 'Expérience Poche' seeks to provide a response to this question through a research endeavor focusing on various approaches to the utilization of paper material within renowned literary works.


Affiche - Eric Schrijver
Screen printing & offset fade

Poster 40*60cm made in two offset gradient layers and one silkscreen layer for Eric Schrijver's conference at ESADHaR on Friday, 24.11.2023. The first two layers that make up the book were hand-printed with white and brown offset inks, pressed one by one using an old engraving press.


Livret éducatif - Musée d'Archéologie Nationale
Riso printing

Booklet created in partnership with the National Archaeology Museum of Saint-Germain-en-Laye and Quintal Atelier, on the occasion of the renovation of their gallery focusing on the Paleolithic period.


film photography & editorial

Photographic fanzine 'Passages' created in collaboration with Sarah Garraud. This photographic work captures the daily journey and the pathways taken during post-work evening escapades.


Game design & visual Identity

Improvisation game among friends in which multiple teams compete and let their imagination run wild to create a coherent and entertaining story in one minute based on a given situation, constraint, and assigned words.

I am Antoine Liberman, a master's student in Graphic Design with a focus on Editorial Design currently at ESADHaR (Ecole Supérieure d'Art et Design du Havre - Rouen). Great enthusiasm combining usability, functionality, and aesthetics to craft smart and impactful experiences.

I conducted research in 2022 during my DNMADe AGD (Augmented Graphic Design) on the relationship between the graphic designer and paper material, focusing on the ethical aspect of a return to craftsmanship. This entails moving away from industrialization and automation while embracing the values of craftsmanship and eco-responsibility. I attempted to find approaches that address the materiality of paper while offering new perspectives for graphic designers to create interactive experiences.

CV (2023)

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